1920’s Bungalow Kitchen Update

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The tear out of walls which had divided the dining room, kitchen, and breakfast nook exposed the galvanized and cast iron piping and plaster lath of this 1920’s bungalow. The dust containment used here, while quite extensive for when this remodel was done in 1995 would, with what we now know about lead, require a quarantined area with Tyvek suits, respirators and HEPA vacuums.

                                                                                    The job required not only the rerouting of major plumbing elements but also an upgrade of the electrical wiring  from the old knob and tube style which was existent in the house.

The original oak floor was uncovered from under several layers flooring. We meticulously patched missing flooring,  in the removed wall areas, with wood flooring salvaged from under the new cabinet locations.




The result was a spacious open flow in the room. A big change from the small dark warren of rooms which had previously occupied the area.The simple line of the Shaker style cabinets and their warm cherry wood, though installed in 1995, continue to have timeless  elegance. Interior and perifery corridors  allow easy movement for multiple cooks and crowds while the large island provides an buffet counter for grand entertaining.

We retained the small back breakfast nook as a quiet corner to have morning coffee or feed the baby away from the traffic routes and household hubbub.

                                     Remodeling is not an inexpensive endeavor. That is why we, at Gilbert Construction, strive for thoroughly thought out designs which will age well and blend seamlessly with                                          your home’s style.