Flooring Ideas



Over the years the rolling chairs in the office had completely splintered the top of the flat grain pine flooring.  Rather than replace the entire floor, we decided to patch the area with more durable wood.  Digging through the scrap pile we found just enough hard rock maple and bamboo to do the job.  The green square in the corner is acrylic dyed maple and gives an unexpected point of visual interest to the floor.



Sometimes common commercial floor tile can be to stunning effect through unusual installation as in this case giving a 1940’s feel.




A collection miscellaneous tile can create a playful, whimsical appearance which begiles tile’s inherent  permanence.


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About Bert

Bert Gilbert has been a resident of the Bloomington area since 1979, arriving as a student at Indiana University. Since 1987 he and his wife, Amy Dyken, have lived lived in Eastern Greene county in an 1860’s farmhouse which they have lovingly restored from the ground up. Growing up in a 1907 craftsman style home in northern Indiana, Bert learned about home upkeep and repair early on from his father and mother who themselves renovated that home. By the age of 12, Bert had a business in the neighborhood cutting lawns and doing odd jobs. After wandering through several majors including pre-dentistry and Russian history, he ended up graduating from IU with a associate’s in Business Administration and an bachelor's in Sculpture and Painting. A couple of years of soul searching and working as everything from a black tie waiter to a cabinetmaker returned Bert to his childhood love; creating spaces and fixing up houses. Bert and Amy become empty nesters in 2010 sending their only child, Keilor, off to Yale where he is currently studying mathematics. The new found time has allowed Bert to explore his current passion; cast iron and large welded steel sculpture. He also enjoys gardening, traveling, music, poetry, and creating endless projects around the house and grounds.